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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Ideal for protecting a cracked, broken tooth or covering up tooth discolorations, crowns at your Oakland dentist can be a great solution for improving your smile. 

A crown is a tooth shaped cap that fits over a problem tooth to improve strength, size and appearance.

The crown procedure is relatively simple.  First we will anesthetize the problem tooth area.  Once completely numb, the tooth is filed down so that the crown fits appropriately.  Then, we will take an impression of the tooth to use in the construction of the crown. 

The impressions are sent away to a dental laboratory to create your crown.  Meanwhile, we apply a sturdy temporary crown over the problem tooth while your customary crown is manufactured.  Once your customary crown is ready, you will come back to All Aspects Dental and the crown will be applied.  Now you have a bright, healthy-looking new tooth!

Dental Crowns

Crown placement can offer several benefits:

  • Long term durability
  • Protection from further decay, infection and cracking
  • Improved chewing and talking
  • An improved, natural and healthier smile

Don't wait another day!  Call All Aspects Dental at 407-654-9208 to learn more about crowns, and how we can help you have the smile you deserve!